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Department of Economic Sociology

Economic sociology is a special field of sociology which focuses on economic phenomena in societal context. The field has been established at the University of Vienna in 1992 and became a department in 2005.

The main focus of research at the department is:

  • International comparative analysis of structures, institutions, and dynamics of the labor market, their formation conditions and socio-economic consequences
  • Sociology of work and life course, in particular youth labor markets
  • Experimental research in decision processes and voting behavior in committees and networks
  • Organizational structures of labor market associations
  • Structures and processes of public employment
  • Methodological research on experimental methods and international comparative analysis

The range of teaching encompasses economic sociology in a broad sense, including organizational and labor sociology, labor relations, and methods of empirical research.

The department contributes to the curricula of the following programs:

  • Business administration
  • International business administration
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Statistics



Department of Economic Sociology
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